"Traditional Pine "

At the end of the year come December's cold...
It's a brisk and wonderful time,
Filled with trees and garland and ornaments of gold,
And always the smell of fresh pine.

(continued below photo)

Traditions abound among family and friends...
They bring joy and rhyme and reason.
Again we send you our annual sketch,
Now tradition...'tis part of the season.

We see candles and bells, Santa and gifts...
Hearts filled with laughter and mirth.
Let us keep in mind what it's really about,
The miracle of the Christ-child's birth.

So trim your homes with Traditions...
Green branches and pine cones as well.
With our card come Holiday Wishes,
Far more than mere words can tell!

Poem by Ray Day
Created and published in 1997

- - -

Christmas Wishes for 2007

Our first grandchild,
Kalena Eileen Martin will be two on February 6.
And we are happy to announce
that her little brother Vincent will arrive about a week later.