The child in us all or the one we once were,
remembers the tree standing tall.
With shimmering lights and ornaments galore,
we gazed wide-eyed - amazed by it all.
(Poem continued below)

We looked up in awe at the thin bubble lights.
What makes them do that? "Twas magic" we were told.
So entrancing were they, perpetual and bright,
they reflected in ornaments of red, green and gold.

Two of "our lights" were dimmed this year
with the passing of Dad Coons and Dad Day.
So entrancing were they, their love overwhelmed us
and reflects in our lives every day.

As bubble light aglow on our tree of life,
they were like magic and we looked up in awe.
How they accomplished all they did in the time that they lived,
leaves us thankful and amazed by it all.

Eileen and Ray Day
Poem by Ray Day
Created and published in 1998