"Cardboard Houses"

Cardboard houses, little trees not forgotten,
A snow-covered church standing tall.
Wires stuck through holes in last year's cotton,
Yet I did not see them at all.

(Poem continued below)

'Twas the Spirit of Christmas, it's awe and wonder,
That gave joy when I was small.
Every house was aglow with one thought to ponder,
"Jesus is born", that's what I recall.

Time marched on - a new Christmas is near,
We wish you a Blessed Season.
Those same little houses are displayed this year,
And Jesus is still the reason.

By Ray Day
Created and published in 1999

Kalena will be four and Vincent two on February six and five.
They are growing and learning and we are loving every moment. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Eileen and Ray