"Cookies For Santa"

Mother baking cookies and the end of the year
added one more tradition to our Season of Cheer.
With Jesus - and Santa - and Christmas Eve,
what and exciting time for a child to believe.
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Cookies and milk - a treat for St. Nick!
There were walnuts to crack and bowls to be licked.
I helped "best I could" every step of the way.
Soon the kitchen was cluttered with bowls, pans and trays.

Then at Midnight Mass on that cold winter's night,
amid angels and shepherds and snow so white,
t'was the story of the Christ Child's coming retold,
Jesus in the manger, what a sight to behold.

Back home the aroma made every heart glad.
Ahhhh, Christmas memories when I was a lad.
At bedtime that night we served the best we had.
Our cookies for Santa - or were they really for Dad?

Eileen and Ray

By Ray Day
Created and published in 2002