"Another First Christmas"

Behold, it is Christmas - that time in December
True treasures of family and friends we remember.
The miracle is Christ's coming to earth from above
Complete with it's message of faith, hope and love.

Love is in bloom in our lives this year
For Jennifer has wedded her John most dear.
She prayerfully searched for the man of her dreams
Now her eyes are a sparkle and her face simply beams.
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In the spirit of Christmas perhaps we should strive
To relive the First Christmas and keep it alive.
To love one another and be loved in return
Christmas provides such a lesson to learn.

"I love you not until death, but for all eternity," said he.
I humbly share with you all God has made of me," said she.
"To be your wife and to share Him with you...
"In love wherever our journey may lead."

As Christians have done for two thousand years
We rejoice in the news and wish you all good cheer.

And in the spirit of renewal that this wedding brings...
"Another first Christmas" - a promise of more Springs!

Eileen and Ray

By Ray Day
Created and published in 2003