50th Anniversary Sculpture
by Ray Day
Produced and manufactured by LILLIPUT LANE


Artist signings took place July 22-24, 2005

was created by
Ray Day
at the invitation
of Walt Disney World.

Inspired by early "concept drawings" of the 50th Anniversary decor, Ray created this simply elegant rendition of Cinderella Castle.

This most-familiar view
of the castle is the South facade.
It is the view everyone experiences as they journey down Main Street from the train station.

ON EARTH" sculpture measures
8.5 inches high and
7 inches by 8 inches at the base.

The view from the west reveals the moat under the bridge. Here you sense the elegant ornamentation that is characteristic of the castle, as well as the flags and swags that are added for the Golden Anniversary.

is a limited edition of just 500 miniature sculptures.

The North facade faces Fantasy Land. Many visitors only realize
the beauty of this view when it is time to return to Main Street
to leave the park. A treasured dining expericnce awaits you at Cinderella's Royal Table
(located behind the elegant stain-glass windows you see on the second level)

Original release price $235

East view. Here the boulders and evergreens caress the Castle and the moat is again in view.

Collectors often search
Ray Day's sculptures
for the smallest of details.
You will enjoy searching for the Hidden Mickeys he has placed throughout this piece. There are five - one for each decade since Disneyland was opened in 1955.

We take Tinker Bell's hand and fly high above to enjoy this view. You must look down to find the gold fish in the moat and graceful swans basking in the Florida sun.
You can see one of those Mickeys very clearly from here,
and maybe even two.

"THE HAPPIEST CELEBRATION ON EARTH" was released on July 22, 2005 -
only at the Art of Disney
Gallery in each park.


This is Ray's second sculpture of Cinderella Castle - the first was
edition was created for the
WDW 30th-Anniversary in 2001.
Please note that all previous
Ray Day Disney sculpture and
watercolor giclée editions are completely sold out.

CINDERELLA CASTLE will NOT be available through The Ray Day Studio.

Also SOLD OUT at Walt Disney World.

Ray Day and Lilliput Lane have become a legendary
creative force since they teamed together in 1989.
Ray went on to become Creative Director and chief sculptor
for Lilliput Lane's American range of products.

Since 1995, Ray Day and Lilliput Lane
have produced 10 other marvelous
miniature sculptures based on Disney architectural icons

- mostly for the annual Disneyana Collectibles Conventions.
Each has become a treasured collectible and all are sold-out.

Ray has also produced
watercolor paintings for Disneyana events,
as well as the 30th Anniversary celebration
at Walt Disney World.

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