The Old Road Series - Plate VII

Release Date: January 1981
Edition Size: 1000 S/N
Issue Price: $35.00
Print Size: 17.5 x 22

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In the early 1800s, as the attention of the east coast American turned westward, the knowledge of building wooden covered bridges crossed the Appalachian range and into the newly developing territories of the Midwest. With much good timber and hundreds of small streams to ford, the art of building covered bridges thrived.

The Huffman Mills Bridge is the subject for AN OLD COVERED BRIDGE. The 140-foot span crosses the Anderson River between Perry and Spencer counties in southern Indiana. Built by W. T. Washer in 1863 the bridge features a single Burr arch truss—a spanning devise developed and patented by Theodore Burr in 1804.

Today, merely strolling across the dusty, creaking planks is a joy. But with a little imagination you might hear, "Make a wish and hold your breath as we go through. If you can hold it all the way your wish will come true." - or - "Kiss your girl when you go through. A short peck'll do for a short bridge, but if it's long and dark, there's time enough for a hug and a squeeze."