Arts Advocate of the Year
Given by the
Southern Indiana Council for the Arts

June 8, 2002

Yin-Reh Hicks with Ray Day
Yin-Reh received the "Artist Of The Year" Award
Ray received the "Arts Advocate Of The Year" Award

These two outstanding awards are presented annually by
the Southern Indiana Council For The Arts

In accepting the award,
Ray presented the following thoughts:

Art is a wellspring of inspiration and self-expression
Art reflects the heartbeat of a community
Art is profoundly spiritual - yet essentially human
St. Thomas Aquinas stated,
"Art is the right making of the thing to be made"
Art is Drawing and Painting and Sculpting and Music - -
It is Architecture and Literature and Dance
Art is a pathway to self-discovery
Art is a highway for sharing ones-self with others
Art is an expression of truth, goodness and beauty
Art is to be appreciated, questioned and enjoyed
Art is to be bought and sold, hung and seen, touched and heard
Art is what brings us together tonight
Art is what we all advocate - promote and support.
You recognize me tonight with the Arts Advocate Award.
- I am deeply grateful for this honor…
In turn, I commend you for your continued enthusiasm
· For the Arts in our schools
· For the talented artists throughout the region, and
· For the work of the Arts Council of Southern Indiana