The Old Road Series - Plate III

Release Date: October 1975
Edition Size: 500 S/N - Issue Price: $15.00
Edition Size: 2000 S/O - Issue Price $10.00
Print Size: 16 x 20
Secondary Market Value

These signs
Are not
For laughs alone
The face they save
May be your own

Ah, yes! One of Burma-Shave's poetic contributions to the "Old Road".

From 1927 to 1963, the Burma-Vita Company (makers of Burma-Shave) conducted an energetic and delightfully amusing advertising program that saw the distribution of over 600 jingles and slogans throughout 43 states.

BURMA-SHAVE COUNTRY captures the old road setting of the Burma-Shave jingles. Travelers would count the signs, watch for familiar ones, or try reading the next sign before others in the car.

The actual Burma-Shave sign was borrowed from an antique collector. The red brick farmhouse in the distance was built in along a country road (now Hwy. 311) just north of New Albany in 1870. In my childhood I recall it served as centerpiece to the old Zeta Mae dairy farm. The home contained four stately rooms and a lean-to kitchen at the rear. Today the Burma-Shave sign is long gone, but the the farmhouse is graciously restored and stands as a proud reminder of life so long ago.