The Old Road Series - Plate IV

Release Date: October 1977
Edition Size: 750 S/N - Issue Price: $20.00
Edition Size: 1250 S/O - Issue Price: $15.00
Print Size: 18 x 24
Secondary Market Values

It was about 1946 when a painting crew for a central Kentucky Coca-Cola Bottling Company stopped to unload their gear. Within hours, the simple and unassuming barn was marked with a uniqueness that set it apart from other local landmarks. It now proudly carried the name of the most familiar drink in America --- Coca-Cola.

The Interstate Highway nearby has diverted most sightseers from old Highway 31W near Park City, Kentucky. I first photographed the barn in 1980, but upon return 15 years later, could find no evidence of the sign or the barn.

Although the old barn sign possesses a nostalgic and artistic beauty, the rarity of the subject was reason enough to add COCA-COLA COUNTY to my Old Road Series of America paintings.