The Old Road Series - Plate V

Release Date: February, 1979
Edition Size: 1000 S/N
Issue Price: $25.00
Print Size: 16 x 20
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With COUNTRY GENERAL STORE, I attempt to recreate in the "mind's eye" the delight of savoring a cold bottle of "pop" while Dad gassed-up at the filling station next door.

The subject for COUNTRY GENERAL STORE was located in Taswell, Indiana. The old Pepsi Cola and Royal Crown Cola signs were rusted and the hazy windows—reflecting surrounding trees and telephone poles—are stacked high with empty boxes. One cola sign even replaces a broken window pane at far left.

I guess the scene could have included two old codgers seated on the bench watching children at play or cars passing by. However, the silence and stillness that exists lures each viewer to sit on that bench alone, to smell the aroma and hear the sounds around, and perhaps feel the hot, humid 88 degrees while sippin' on an ice-cold cola.

The vacant store destroyed by fire in the early 1980s leaving only the memories....and this artist's interpretation.