The Old Road Series - Plate VIII

Release Date: August 1981
Edition Size: 1000 S/N
Issue Price: $35.00
Print Size: 17.5 x 22
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COUNTRY STATION pays tribute to one of the most recognizable structures of the American landscape—the railroad station.

For more than a century the “station” was the hub of many small communities across the nation. The town it served received mail, news and many services via the station. Friends and relatives came and went. Everything from the Sears Roebuck catalogue to the circus came through the station.

The stationmaster was the link to the outside world. He decoded messages from far-off places, sold tickets, handled baggage and was agent for the express and postal services. To the kids who eagerly watched each passing train, the station represented all that the world had to offer beyond the bend and miles away.

Today, our attention has shifted from the railroad station to the airport. No longer does it hold a magnetic spell over the small towns. Many have been bulldozed or accidentally burned. Preservationists have restored and recycled a few, but mostly, these lovely old structures are remembered—and COUNTRY STATION is intended to rekindle those memories.

This early 20th century station stood along the Southern Railroad System at English, Indiana until November of 1980 when it was donated to the Amish people of the area. They dismantled it and distributed the materials throughout the community.