America lost a National Treasure when Harley Warrick died November 24, 2000 at the age of 76.

For 46 years, from the Appalachian range to Missouri,
Harley Warrick roamed the country's highways painting
barnside advertisements touting Mail Pouch Tobacco.
One such barn in Lanesville, Indiana, inspired my very first limited edition print, "Mail Pouch Barn" in 1973.
My publishing career was launched but it was twenty more
years before I would actually meet the man who inspired it.

In August of 1993, I invited Harley Warrick, the last remaining painter of Mail Pouch tobacco barns in America, to repaint that very Lanesville, Indiana barn. He had first painted in November, 1962: "I was working on that barn when I heard news of John Kennedy's assassination" stated Harley.

"Harley", I asked, "why did you paint the H E W
before painting the C?"
"I always like to sign my work before I begin", he replied.
"You see, my name is Harley E. Warrick - HEW."

"Fresh Paint - A Tribute To Harley"
honors Harley Warrick for the lifetime career he spent along
America's highways and the trail of over 21,000 barnsides he left behind. AND the memories - ah yes, millions of memories. Thanks Harley!

Release Date: October 1994
Harley graciously co-signed each of the following prints.

Edition Size: 950 S/N - Issue Price: $75.00
Artist Proofs: 50 S/N - Issue Price: $95.00
Tribute Edition: 35 S/N - Issue Price: $150.00

The following prints were signed by Ray after Harley's passing.
Lanesville Edition: 12 S/N - $95.00

Print Size: 17.5 x 22
Secondary Market Value

In July of 1993, along with American farm artist
Lowell Davis
and Lilliput Lane's founder David Tate,
I invited Harley Warrick to join us on Lowell's southwest Missouri farm
to paint a Mail Pouch barn, "The Birdsong".

THE BIRDSONG QUARTET - July 21, 1993, Red Oak II,
near Carthage, Missouri

RAY DAY (far left) - Lowell had invited me
to sculpt his relocated barn and add it to the American Landmarks Collection of miniature architectual sculptores produced by Lilliput Lane in Penrith, England.

DAVID TATE (second from left) - Founder of Lilliput Lane, and longtime friend of Lowell, David agreed to produce my sculpture of "The Birdsong" as part of the American Landmarks Collection.

HARLEY WARRICK (center) - Retired after 46 years and 21,000 Mail Pouch barns, Harley traveled to Lowell's farm near Carthage, MO, to paint his "last barn west of the Mississippi."

LOWELL DAVIS (right) - Mr. Birdsong's barn was moved six miles to Red Oak II following an earlier visit from Ray, David
and Lowell. The title honors Mr. Birdsong's dog who died following an accident with my van that fateful morning.

"The Birdsong"
(Released Jan, 1994 - Retired Sept. 1997)
is a tribute to America's treasured folk artist, Harley Warrick.

Mail Pouch Barn subjects by Ray Day:
Limited Edition Prints:
Mail Pouch Barn - October 1973
Mail Pouch, Mail Pouch - March 1982
Fresh Paint - A Tribute to Harley - October 1994

Limited Edition Porcelain Plate
Mail Pouch Barn - July 1986
American Landmarks Sculpture for Lilliupt Lane
Mail Pouch Barn - October 1989 (Retired September 1993)
The Birdsong - January 1994
(Retired September 1997)