Med-Art Prints


3000 Numbered & Signed

Print Size: 20" x 24"

Release Date: June 1980

Release Price: $35.00

Original Watercolor: $1,500

The articles depicted in the print are those used by Administrative Officials
in the operation of the hospital. When following the fluid action of the image,
you will note the many items that take you to the hospital administrator's bible, "Hospital Organization and Management" by MacEachern.

Other key items include the Joint Commission Certificate, demonstrative of
quality care; and the Certificate from the American College of Hospital Administrators, demonstrating the personal commitment to continued
self-development in the field of hospital administration; the text by
Ray Brown on Judgment in Administration; the text on Hospital Law by
Hayt & Hayt & Groeschel; and various manuals, guides and periodicals,
published by the American Hospital Association and others.
To add the personal touch the ever present pen, letter opener, note caddy,
and paper weight are placed in the foreground. The ACHA seal and
Red Cross logo indicates the varied personal and professional relationships
which are prevalent in the Administrator's duties.



1500 Numbered & Signed

Print Size: 20" x 24"

Release Date: September 1984

Release Price: $50.00

COMMITMENT TO LIFE clearly illustrates a very important part of life
itself - that of medical care. The central focus is the patient, represented by the
medical chart. Various instruments used by the physician in carrying out his commitment to life and good medical care. Throughout the physicians lifetime,
the use of many resources such as the PDR, New England Journal of Medicine,
Journal of the American Medical Association, Conn's Current Therapy and the Textbook of Surgery all show the tremendous amount of study required in the physician's professional life. Many other support instruments are illustrated: the ever present x-ray, pharmaceutical vials, stethoscope, otoscope and of course,
the "black bag". The microscope certainly depicts the education and
research that has gone into the commitment to life by many individuals.
The print is surrounded by the whiteness of the lab coat depicting the sterile nature of medical care in its present state. Of course, the painting
would not be complete without the Hippocratic oath, which all
physicians subscribe to throughout their lifetimes.

Commitment to life is what most physicians recognize when they go into
the field of medicine, whether it be in the actual healing arts, research,
education or totally diagnostic. Commitment to life means the physician's commitment to a lifetime of study and selflessness within his or her lifestyle.
It also means that life is made better by this tremendous commitment
on the part of these unselfish individuals.