The Old Road Series - Plate II

Release Date: October 1974
Edition Size: 500 S/N - Issue Price: $15.00
Edition Size: 2000 S/O - Issue Price: $10.00
Print Size: 20 x 24
Secondary Market Value

The ROCK CITY BARN is a nostalgic sight—one from the old road that will remain fondly in your memory as they slowly disappear from the countryside.

Although this barn was located near Munfordville, Kentucky, Rock City barns were painted in 19 states. Some have their messages painted on the side but most have the famous advertisement displayed proudly on the rooftop.

I spoke with an old farmer who was following behind a lone mule amidst waist-high tobacco stalks. He had lived in the central Kentucky area for a lifetime. Even as a child he can remember that the roof of this old barn displayed the big "See Rock City" letters. "They even came back and repainted it after a new roof was put on 'bout 15 years ago'" he said.

As a result of the Highway Beautification Act, fewer Rock City barns will be seen along the major highways. Perhaps it is the artist's task to preserve this endangered segment of Americana.