The Old Road Series - Plate XIV

Release Date: November 1985
Edition Size: 1000 S/N
Issue Price: $40.00
Print Size: 17 x 24
Secondary Market Value

"That's what they did with 'em, too. Just let 'em rust out in the field", the lady said when she saw my RUST OF AGES painting.

Indeed, the 1930 Chevrolet had seen better days and probably traveled many a mile before coming to this final resting place beside an old abandoned barn.

Although Southern Indiana is the source of subject for this painting, the scene typifies many areas of the country. The American landscape is varied but the signs of change are ever present reminders of twentieth century progress.

Warped barn boards allow shadows from the setting November sun to streak across their gray weathered surface. The rusting corrugated metal roof along with the aging automobile spark the almost melodic title RUST OF AGES.