(Walt Disney World Train Station)
Disneyana 1998 Limited Edition Collectible

By Ray Day

Millions of visitors visit The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World every year. And every one of them have passed through the Magic Kingdom Train Station to reach Main Street U.S.A.

The photos above show the original wax sculpture and the finished painted collectible I created for the 1998 Disneyana Collectibles Convention at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

"It would be difficult to find better words to describe this very special place than 'The Magic Kingdom.' Here the sense of wonder that is often buried beneath the weight of everyday problems can bubble up into fun and laughter."
- Walt Disney World, 20 Magical Years

Standing on the verandah of The Magic Kingdom train station, the visitor looks out across the square, down Main Street U.S.A. to Cinderella's Castle beyond.

What a wonderful honor and privilege was to be chosen recreate this structure in miniature for collectors everywhere.

"Memories of the Magic Kingdom" was released September, 1998. The 500 pieces retailed for $275.00 each.

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