MGM Studio - Walt Disney World

A Sculpture by Ray Day
For Disneyana 2002

Hollywood Tower Hotel - GICLÉE

Hollywood Tower Hotel - AUCTION PROJECT

The Hollywood Tower Hotel - Painted Model
Here is the view most familiar to Disney visitors.

THE HOLLYWOOD TOWER HOTEL was released in conjunction with the
Disneyana 2002 Convention - August 22-24.

Limited Edition of 400 - Issue price: $325.00 -

Find eight Hidden Mickeys

Select WAX for photos of sculpting process

Far left side - One of eight "Hidden Sorcerer Mickeys" are
visible in this view of the Hotel. These eight Mickeys celebrate our
ight annual participation in the Disneyana Convention.
The concept began with "Tom Sawyer Island" in 2001 when seven
"Hidden Mickeys" intrigued collectors.

Right Rear view of the Hotel features the familiar
elegant grand entrance through which the Disney
visitors enter and exit. Also featured is
"The Ray Day would-a, could-a, should-a theory".
What is that you say? It is the artistic license Ray takes
when creating the portions of a Disney Icon that the public
never sees - it is what it "would have look like,
if it could of look like, what it should have look like."

The Hollywood Tower Hotel
Sculpture was released in conjunction with the
Disney Mystery Event in Orlando, August 22-24, 2002.

Edition Size: 400
Issue Price: $325.00

See photos of wax sculpture and it's development - WAX

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